Things you shouldn’t have in your home Feng Shui Principles. 

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Huang means wind, and shui means water, so it has an overall meaning to the environment. or living in accordance with the environment. Therefore, when starting to plan to build a house Various home building companies Therefore, the science of Feng Shui is often taken into account when designing in order to bring good fortune to the residents. Good power comes from the flow of air called wind. The movement of water and light, as well as the power of color, form, and direction, trying to find a way to organize all of this power. Come add to the power of the individual.

So is Feng Shui good or bad. Bringing luck or สมัคร ufabet promoting the residents to progress or not be unlucky depends on the placement of various positions of the house, including various appliances. Selected to decorate with.

Broken plates and bowls

No matter how much you regret it, you should throw it away. Because keeping these broken or damag dishes and bowls in the house. Or bringing them back to use It is equal to reinforcing and hypnotizing our subconscious to accept only bad things into our own lives and homes.

Dead trees

If you are someone who doesn’t have much time to take care of plants, you shouldn’t have them. Because if you allow it to wither, lack water. And stand dead inside the house It’s like opening the way for bad things and misfortune to come into your life.

Trees have thorns.

The tree has thorns. Cacti and other plants except roses are Should not be planted in the house. or strictly not use to decorate the interior of the house Because according to Feng Shui principles. these trees are considered to bring negative energy and bad luck.

Old calendar.

This doesn’t just mean the old calendar. But it also refers to a calendar that shows days, months, and years that are different from the current one. It is a reflection of past events that have had a negative impact on the lives of people in the house.


A mirror is one of the essential items in the home. But in Feng Shui, whether it is a good mirror or a broken mirror They all have negative meanings. It is believed that the mirror can absorb spirits and cause people in the house to become sick and die.

Dead Clock

 In Feng Shui it is said that Broken items should not be kept in the house. Especially the dead clock. Because it will mean death. and may lead to loss. within the home If you don’t want to throw it away, repair it quickly.