Eric locks Director Wilcox neck as a vindicator on the ghost board.

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Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag assumed technical director Jason Wilcox must be one of his kind. Ready to stand by to defend himself in the board meeting to protect himself on the chair. Ready to promise to grab the full 9 points at the end of the league. Continuing to win the FA Cup as a symbol to protect from being bounced.

United just lost to Crystal Palace 0-4, making it their 13th loss this season, the most in the English Premier League era. Until there were rumors that the management was preparing to hold an urgent meeting to evaluate the performance of the Dutch coach. Whether he should continue or if he would be enough at the end of the season 2023-24  UFABET 

By ‘ETH’ talking about the second-place position and would like to stay if they win every remaining game in the league. Including the FA Cup championship title, I would like to leave it to Director Wilcox. Also go sell projects at board meetings. 

The official website revealed. 

“You know the damage that can happen after a result like this. Especially at the end of the season.”

“But there would still be a full 9 points to collect. Then we will fight to get those 9 points. We have to learn from this game. and develop it.” 

“Technical Director Jason Wilcox is my voice on the board…he will do it.” 

“Which is the end? I have to do my job on the field with the players I have on hand.” 

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